What You Should Do To Land a Job in China After Your Internship
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  • Peter Hill, also known as "The Career Doctor" for China, has over 20 years of international career and job search advisory experience 
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Course Overview


  • Understand trends in the local job market
  • Plan your career in China
  • Network and interview effectively

‘’I've taken my 20+ years of experience and condensed things to the most important lessons you need to know.’’

- Peter Hill, 'The Career Doctor'

Deciding to do an internship in China is a bold first step towards building an international career and adding to your skillset. Well done. Yet once the internship is over, what next? How should you leverage your on-the-ground experience and turn it into job offers? Do you know how the job market works? What does it take to find the 'right' job which matches your interests? How can you maximize your chances of success?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, keep in mind you are not alone. The process is daunting for all young professionals and fresh graduates at the beginning, especially when trying to navigate opportunities and challenges in a market that isn’t your own: China.

This opportunity to learn from Peter Hill is unique and a must-watch course for any young job-seeker who is serious about building a career in China and beyond.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 China Job Market Overview
Video course icon Trends
Video course icon Growing Industries
Video course icon Learning (Mandarin) Chinese
Video course icon Job Market 'Competition'
2 Career Exploration
Video course icon What is Career Exploration?
Video course icon Job Hunting vs. Career Planning
Video course icon How the Job Market Works
Video course icon Career Development Tips
3 Networking
Video course icon What is (and isn’t) Networking?
Video course icon Why is Networking So Important?
Video course icon Networking at Events: What to Do, How to Do it
Video course icon Do’s and Don’ts
Video course icon The Power of Informational Interviews
Video course icon Where to Network in Shanghai/Beijing
4 Job Search
Video course icon The Hidden Job Market
Video course icon Four Basic Techniques to Find a Job
Video course icon Resume Writing Tips and Mistakes to Avoid
Video course icon Cover Letter Best Practices
Video course icon Importance of LinkedIn and How to Use it
5 Interviewing
Video course icon Types of Interviews
Video course icon Before The Interview
Video course icon Building your 'CAR' Stories
Video course icon During the Interview
Video course icon After the Interview
6 Wrap up
Video course icon Wrap Up
Video course icon Virtual Q&A with Peter Hill
Video course icon Resources

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