Networking is essential for anyone looking for a job. In China, it is even more so.

Learning how to do it effectively can make the difference between finding a job or being unemployed.

Because the market is so competitive, we see that job seekers who have a robust network of personal and professional contacts, are more likely to find themselves in a meaningful job. 

The Westerners who just fly to China looking for a job will find that, without knowing anybody, it will take several years to develop a network. 


What Makes The Difference? 

To really network effectively, develop strong relationships, and get your foot in the door, it takes assertiveness. Many of my clients are European and their perception of what it takes to look for a job is different than the assertive approach that I propose for China. 

For example, at the end of a cover letter, there are two ways to close it: one is ‘thank you, I look forward to hearing from you;' the other way is ‘thank you, I will call your office in a few days to see if we can meet.' 

Most of my European clients are more accustomed to the first way, whereas we know from experience that it pays to be more pro-active and assertive to demonstrate your interest. 

Employers actually welcome that - you are not going to scare them away. 

Therefore, I have to work with some clients on a paradigm shift. My advice is not only ‘'this is how you write a resume better’ but also 'here are practical ways for you to show assertiveness to achieve your objective.''

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